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Websites, applications, web-enabled desktop software, networks – they all need to be protected from attacks, vulnerabilities, and other threats with advanced scanners and tools. Here’s what we offer for your digital product safety.

Vulnerability Scanners

Top vulnerability scanners are not just the tools that reveal the weaknesses of your website, network, or a web server, but a guarantee of your product integrity.

Why Use a Vulnerability Scanner?

A vulnerability scanner is an automated tool that allows companies to regularly check whether their websites, applications, networks, and the entire platforms have security weaknesses that could be used for attacks. Depending on the type and goal, such scanners can perform both external and internal vulnerability scans to ensure comprehensive vulnerability management that includes identifying, classifying, and mitigating or eliminating vulnerabilities. Being a common practice among companies of all sizes (especially among enterprises), vulnerability scanning helps to solve the problems caused by all kinds of cybersecurity breaches before they occur. So, why does your company or a startup need a vulnerability scanner? To protect your time, money, confidential data, business, and in some cases, even your reputation! A problem that has never existed is always better for business than a problem solved.

IP Tools

In addition to detecting vulnerabilities, we offer a wide range of tools that will boost the performance of your system, trace internet connection paths, and provide many other benefits for your product and business.

Network tests


Test ping

DNS Queries

DNS lookup

Reverse DNS

Find Host Records (Subdomains)

Find Shared DNS Servers

Zone Transfer

Whois Lookup

IP Address


Reverse IP

TCP Port Scan

UDP Port Scan

Subnet Lookup

ASN Lookup

Banner Grabbing (Search)

WEB Tools

HTTP Headers

Extract Page Links

Reverse Analytics Search

Enjoy all the advantages of using the combination of our scanners and IP tools, and see how easily you can protect your digital product with Synergy Infosec experts, innovations, and best practices!

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Protect & Conquer

The first thing any company should think of is protecting their business. Our cybersecurity scanners and tools will protect your business product, so you can focus on conquering the market and leaving your competitors far behind!

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