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For years we protect our clients and their businesses. We provide companies with consulting and a very easy to use dashboard that provides a combination of intelligent tools and scanners that identify their security vulnerabilities and eliminate them for good. Our mission is to provide businesses of all sizes with enterprise-level cybersecurity consulting and solutions, and make them affordable even for startups and individuals under any cyber crime attack.


Empower your security with our consulting

Use our cybersecurity expertise to the fullest (Use our cybersecurity expertise to your benefit)

We don’t just give our clients security tools, we help them to choose the most fitting combination of tools and price plans. Rely on our cybersecurity expertise and experience to spare your time and money.

More Features

We offer various types of cybersecurity tools, such as CMS APPS, Web, Network scanners, etc. Among our security tools, you will find Domain Profiler, IP Information Lookup, Nmap Ping Scan, Free IP Tools, and a lot more! To help you better understand our products and services we offer, watch the video below.

What We Offer


People in business know that it is always better to consult with the experts than waste time on learning something they don’t need. Our experts will advise you on the best custom solution that will solve your security problems and needs.

Network Scanners

Network scanners are excellent tools to detect and identify vulnerabilities present in your network. Synergy Infosec offers NMAP Port Scanners, Open VAS Scanners, and ZMap Fast Scanners to help you and your company detect network vulnerabilities.

Web Scanners

We offer Web scanners to help detect and identify vulnerabilities present on the web. Our scanners include the Nikto Web Scanner, SSL/TLS Scanner, SQL Injection Scanner, WhatWeb/ Wappalyzer Scanner, and a Blind Elephant Scanner.

Web Tools

Some of the web tools that Synergy Infosec offers include HTTP Headers tool, an Extract Page Link tool, and a Reverse Analytics Lookup tool.

Our Compliance Standards

Identifying the vulnerability scanner requirement is a key point in getting value from these tools. From an introduction to expert tips anyone tasked with security testing should get something from this overview.


We are experts in cybersecurity so you can be sure that here you will get replies to all security questions like how to use Openvas, etc. Additionally, we provide extensive consulting on how to protect your product from threats.

What is the difference between a threat, a vulnerability, and a risk?

A threat is a hostile action towards you and your product, a vulnerability is a weak spot in your system that can be used for attack, and a risk is the possibility of damage or loss of data, money, and/or reputation.

What tools or scanners are best to use for establishing a security baseline?

The most effective security baseline differs for various companies and users, thus we advise you to consult with us to get the most effective custom solution.

What is the best strategy for addressing business risks?

There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy. Your business risks addressing strategy must be based on your needs, requirements, and budget.

How do you go about securing a server?

We use the combination of effective trusted tools like OpenVAS Vulnerability Scanner, processes like firewall monitoring, best practices, etc.

How secure is Synergy Infosec?

Synergy Infosec provides the highest level of security and GDPR and WCAG compliant.

Can we hire your team to work for us?

Yes, you can contract our cybersecurity experts like remote Chief Information Security Officers and other experts.

Our Prices

Never underestimate the importance of cybersecurity for your business! We offer the enterprise-level quality of protection, affordable even for the smallest companies and startups.

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Here you can read tons of valuable information and insights on cybersecurity issues, tools, trends, etc. Now you don’t need to seek this information elsewhere, because you can get it all right here, in our blog.

Protect & Conquer

The first thing any company should think of is protecting their business. Our cybersecurity scanners and tools will protect your business product, so you can focus on conquering the market and leaving your competitors far behind!

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